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Dissolve biofilm

Infection control

Fast & safe, unique patented technology

One less risk in infection control

One Life enzymes reduce resistance & persistence.

  • Resistance : preventing exchange of antibiotic-resistant genes by dissolving biofilms and reducing systematic use of disinfectants, reduces antimicrobial resistance.


  • Persistence : A key factor in pathogen transmission is reduced by exposing pathogens before high-level disinfection.


  • OneLife’s enzymatic technology enables complete and irreversible degradation of organic soil and biofilm, they enable complete disintegration of organic soil and biofilm matrix for completely clean instruments and optimal risk management.

Our products

Specific & corrective cleaning DISSOLVE biofilms


High Level enzymatic detergent for corrective cleaning of persistent microbial contamination & Biofilms on Medical Devices.


  • Patented enzymatic complex with broad spectrum of action against biofilms.
  • For corrective cleaning of highly-soiled Medical Devices.
  • Dissolves biofilm matrix of multiple pathogens.
  • Alternative to expensive repairs / maintenance.


Dental intrumentsEndoscopesSurgical instruments

EnziSurf Descale & Drain

High-level multi-enzymatic deep cleaning formula targeting biofilms in sink drains


  • For optimal deep cleaning of sink drains in medical facilities

  • Targets the DNA constituting the biofilm matrix


Critical surfacesSink drainsVertical surfaces


Highly effective multi-enzymatic decontaminant concentrate for a deep cleaning of the critical surfaces.


Highly effective multi-enzymatic decontaminant concentrate for a deep cleaning of the critical surfaces (floors, operating theatres and tables, emergency services, hospital rooms, etc.) in nursing homes, medical, dental and veterinary practices).


Critical surfacesHigh surfaces